• Wheatcroft Military Collection

    Wheatcroft Military Collection

    The Wheatcroft Military Collection is a world-renowned assortment of memorabilia and artefacts from World War II and pays tributes to Donington Park's military past when it was used as a military storage depot by the MoD during WWII. The collection includes a range of tanks, armoured vehicles and incredibly rare motorcycles and can be found in the first two halls. It continues to evolve, with new arrivals being added monthly.

  • Harley Davidsons

    Harley Davidsons

    The Donington Park Wheatcroft Military Collection an extremely rare example of a Harley Davidson XA motorcycle, as used by the USA military in World War Two. Around 1,000 XA’s (Experimental Military) were built in period, but it is believed that only 12 of these bikes exist worldwide. With six examples now on show at the Donington Collections , this is the largest known collection in the world.