Rare Goliath tracked mine the latest addition to Donington’s Wheatcroft Collection

A Goliath tracked mine, used by German forces in World War Two, is the latest addition to the ever expanding Wheatcroft Military Collection at Donington Park.

The new addition is a petrol driven derivative, and joins an electric powered version at the Collection, which was already on display.

After being dug up in Germany, the Goliath has been restored to full working order, and it’s believed the Donington Collections is the only museum to have versions of both the petrol and electric driven machines on display to the public.

Goliaths were used by the German forces from 1942-1945 and could carry up to 100 kilograms of high explosives, and was capable of destroying tanks or demolishing buildings and bridges. They were controlled remotely using a joystick control box attached to the rear of the machine by 650 metres of triple strand cable. Given their purpose, each Goliath was disposable, built specifically to be blown up to damage enemy targets. From over 7,500 produced in period, only around 30 original examples are now believed to remain in existence, with only a handful in the UK, making this another rare artefact from World War Two on display in the Wheatcroft Collection.

Kevin Wheatcroft commented: “I get immense personal satisfaction in sharing more and more of my collection with the public. This Goliath now joins its sister and spare display engine and we are now working on the ultra-rare trailer to complete the ensemble”. The Wheatcroft Military Collection is a world-renowned assortment of memorabilia and artefacts from World War Two and pays tribute to Donington Park’s military past.

The collection includes a range of tanks, armoured vehicles and incredibly rare motorcycles. As well as the Wheatcroft Military Collection, the Donington Collections also house the Grand Prix Collection, the world’s largest display of Formula One and Grand Prix cars.