The Donington Park Grand Prix Collection was founded in 1973 by the late Tom Wheatcroft, the man who revived Donington Park as a motor racing venue.

Initially used to display Tom's growing collection of Grand Prix machinery, and the cars raced by young protégé Roger Williamson in F2 and F3, it quickly grew to become the largest collection of F1 and other racing cars in world, with over 130 exhibits.

Famously containing the largest collection of Williams and McLaren F1 cars outside their respective factories, the collection is also home to a wide range of cars from several decades of Formula One, including the only complete set of Vanwall machines, as raced by Stirling Moss.

Sadly, Tom Wheatcroft passed away in 2009, and his son Kevin became custodian of the Collection. Kevin not only holds a passion for motoring, but also military history, and over the years, the first two halls of the collection have been taken over by fascinating exhibits from World War Two, including tanks, armoured vehicles and ultra-rare motorbikes, each lovingly restored to perfect condition.

Both collections continue to grow, with new additions arriving each month, making the Donington Collections a unique experience with every visit!